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Saturday April 22nd, 2017

Entry Level Referee Class in South Bay
Referee Class looking for a few more students. Class starts Thursday, 4/27.
Class is hosted by DeAnza Force Academy.
Click on the link for details and to sign up.


Sunday April 9th, 2017

Referees If you are among the best and you wish to rise in the refereeing world, then consider refereeing CUp Tournaments.

When: April 22-23 (preliminary round games)
April 29-30 (rain out dates)
May 6-7 (single-elimination games)
Where: Ripon Mistlin soccer complex
Tracy Plasencia Fields
Tracy Sports Complex
The Competition: Tournament qualifies teams for either the Far West Regional tournament in Seattle June or the Presidents Cup Regional tournament in Salt Lake City. All teams in these regional tournaments must qualify by winning their respective state cup/presidents cup tournaments (14 western states). Regional tournament winners go to national tournament in July.

U13-U16 Preliminary Round Games $30/$25/$25
U17-U18 Preliminary Round Games $35/$30/$30
U13-U16 Single-Elimination Games $35/$30/$30
U17-U18 Single-Elimination Games $45/$35/$35

Lunch and drinks will be provided.

A limited number of hotel rooms are available for referees traveling more than 80 miles one-way.

They should make themselves available on GameOfficials group 1472 (access code calnorth). We expect to start assigning games Tuesday 4/11. If they are unfamiliar with using GameOfficials for getting games, see Referee: FAQs.

Thank you.

Douglas Chard

2017 Referee Registration

At this time of year Pensra manually updates referee registration status from the CNRA database. The last update was conducted on 4/8/2017.

IF you updated your registration with CNRA before 3/29/17 AND your registration year in PenSRA does not say 2017 (Check your status at Pensra: Logon, Go to Services:Profiles-Referee), THEN please contact the webmaster.

Sunday April 2nd, 2017

Referees For most matches you are required to file a match report. For most matches you are required to have completed some on line training. Your self assign privileges will be suspended till these requirements are met. You may be removed from matches without notice.

2017 Assignor Registration

At this time of year Pensra manually updates assignor registration status from the CNRA database. The last update was conducted on 3/5/2017.

If you are an USSF Assignor, and your USSF registration at the top of the Assignor page is incorrect, please forward to the webmaster proof a screen shot of your current Assignor registration. CNRA does NOT provide us with a means to check if your...