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Please set the criteriaTerm for the Matches that you would like to list and click "Show". You can also view the detail for any MatchTerm by clicking on the numeric value you'll see in the "Match" column of the Results List.

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The following Matches meet the criteria you have set. You can see the detail associated with a specific Match by clicking on the Match Number (that's the number in the "Match" column) in the same row as the entry you are interested in.

2242669/24/2018Mon7:00 pmIPlayForSFBookgreenO21Franklin Square 1A/BRefUnconfirmed
2172059/24/2018Mon7:00 pmIPlayForSFBookgreenO21Franklin Square 1C/DRefOpen
2242689/24/2018Mon8:00 pmIPlayForSFBookgreenO21Franklin Square 1A/BRefUnconfirmed
2242679/24/2018Mon8:00 pmIPlayForSFBookgreenO21Franklin Square 1C/DRefOpen
2242699/24/2018Mon8:00 pmIPlayForSFBookgreenO21Kimbell Field #1ARefAccept
2242719/24/2018Mon9:00 pmIPlayForSFBookgreenO21Franklin Square 1A/BRefUnconfirmed
2242729/24/2018Mon9:00 pmIPlayForSFBookgreenO21Franklin Square 1C/DRefOpen
2242709/24/2018Mon9:00 pmIPlayForSFBookgreenO21Kimbell Field #1ARefAccept
2235159/25/2018Tue7:00 pmIPlayForSFBookgreenO21Franklin Square 1A/BRefAccept
2235169/25/2018Tue7:00 pmIPlayForSFBookgreenO21Franklin Square 1C/DRefAccept
2235209/25/2018Tue8:00 pmIPlayForSFBookgreenO21Beach Chalet #3A/BRefAccept
2235189/25/2018Tue8:00 pmIPlayForSFBookgreenO21Franklin Square 1A/BRefAccept
2235199/25/2018Tue8:00 pmIPlayForSFBookgreenO21Franklin Square 1C/DRefAccept
2191029/25/2018Tue8:30 pmPalo Alto Adult Soccer LeagueBookgreenO25El Camino Soccer FieldRefAccept AR1Accept AR2Accept
2191009/25/2018Tue8:30 pmPalo Alto Adult Soccer LeagueBookgreenO25Mayfield NorthRefAccept AR1Accept AR2Accept
2191019/25/2018Tue8:30 pmPalo Alto Adult Soccer LeagueBookgreenO25Mayfield SouthRefAccept AR1Accept AR2Accept
2235179/25/2018Tue9:00 pmIPlayForSFBookgreenO21Beach Chalet #3A/BRefAccept
2235219/25/2018Tue9:00 pmIPlayForSFBookgreenO21Franklin Square 1A/BRefAccept
2181049/26/2018Wed6:00 pmArea 2N/2BBookgreenU16Belmont Sports Complex #1RefUnconfirmed AR1Accept AR2Accept
2181069/26/2018Wed7:15 pmArea 2N/2BBookgreenU16Bechet FieldRefAccept AR1Accept AR2Accept
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