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Please set the criteriacriteria for the Matches that you would like to list and click "Show". You can also view the detail for any MatchMatch by clicking on the numeric value you'll see in the "Match" column of the Results List.

Inquiry Criteria
Match# Referees Client multiple
Date - Authority multiple Playing League multiple noCalendar
Day Class TeamTeam
TimeTime multiple Gender multiple FieldField
City multiple Level multiple Location
BracketBracket multiple AreaArea multiple
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The following Matches meet the criteria you have set. You can see the detail associated with a specific Match by clicking on the Match Number (that's the number in the "Match" column) in the same row as the entry you are interested in.

3202986/15/2024Sat8:00 amSMC TremorBookgreenU1549er FieldRefAccept AR1Accept AR2Accept
3202976/15/2024Sat8:00 amSMC TremorBookgreenU15Bechet FieldRefAccept AR1Accept AR2Accept
3202966/15/2024Sat8:00 amSMC TremorBookgreenU12Orange Memorial 1BRefAccept
3202956/15/2024Sat8:00 amSMC TremorBookgreenU09Orange Memorial 2ARefAccept
3202996/15/2024Sat9:00 amSMC TremorBookgreenU09Orange Memorial 2ARefAccept
3203006/15/2024Sat9:00 amSMC TremorBookgreenU10Orange Memorial 2BRefAccept
3203016/15/2024Sat9:10 amSMC TremorBookgreenU12Orange Memorial 1ARefAccept
3203026/15/2024Sat9:10 amSMC TremorBookgreenU12Orange Memorial 1BRefAccept
3203036/15/2024Sat9:15 amSMC TremorBookgreenU1449er FieldRefAccept AR1Accept AR2Accept
3203046/15/2024Sat9:15 amSMC TremorBookgreenU15Bechet FieldRefAccept AR1Accept AR2Accept
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