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We show the following Match Results from completed Pensra Referee Assignments for select PlayingLeagues (see the Pulldown below for participating PlayingLeagues) that meet the criteria you have set (as of Tuesday, September 19th, 2017 at 6:15am PDT). Note that this list IS subject to change as additional Referees file their reports associated with Assignment completion.

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2045349/18/2017IPlayForSFMixedO21Misfits United vs Sabor4-3
2045389/18/2017IPlayForSFMixedO21Fitbit FC vs FC Bear Fight0-0
2045329/18/2017IPlayForSFMixedO21Case of the Mondays vs Penth...4-4
2045369/18/2017IPlayForSFMixedO21Monday Blues vs Game of Thro...7-2
2045319/18/2017IPlayForSFMixedO21The Black Horse vs Trippin' ...2-2
2045359/18/2017IPlayForSFMixedO21Desperados vs Tiger Knee FC1-0
2045399/18/2017IPlayForSFMixedO21Lara's Lemmings vs RetiredCaution 1 Caution 1 1-2
2045309/18/2017IPlayForSFMixedO21Butter vs Megalodong4-5
2045339/18/2017IPlayForSFMixedO21DEEPZ vs Frogs3-1
2045379/18/2017IPlayForSFMixedO21Bochy Juniors vs Darrins & K...6-0
2042099/17/2017GGWSLWO35SF Cosmos vs SF Force1-4
2042079/17/2017GGWSLWO35Forte vs Phoenix0-4
2042089/17/2017GGWSLWO35Elliott's Vintage Vikings vs...4-2
2042069/17/2017GGWSLWO35Spitfires vs Friends United0-5
2042049/16/2017GGWSLWO21Daruma vs Delirium3-0
2042909/16/2017GGWSLWO21High Tide vs Mna3-1
2042639/16/2017GGWSLWO21Chicas FC vs Mad Dog0-5
2042619/16/2017GGWSLWO21SF Hibernian vs Olympic ClubCaution 1 0-2
2042039/16/2017GGWSLWO21Pirates vs Trouble United20-0
2042059/16/2017GGWSLWO21Heat vs Adelante0-2
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