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Varsity Gay League Rules SummaryPrintable

This rules summary is provided to the referees as a service. These are not the official rules of the competition. NO warranty is made that this summary is up to date.

Rules last updated 6/27/2022


  1. These matches are unaffiliated with USSF. Therefor USSF insurance is NOT in effect.
  2. No player checkin.  Teams to wear league issued t-shirts / matching uniforms.  No shirt?  Any shirt of a close color permitted.
  3. Shin guards required.
  4. NO metal cleats.  
  5. ONLY the team captain can address the referee.  Can Caution (yellow Card) any other player that speaks to the referee..
  6. Good sportsmanship is expected.   Poor sportsmanship is harshly punished by the league.

8 v 8 Leagues

  1. Games will be 8v8 with a goalkeeper.  Teams are coed.   Any gender mix permitted.
  2. Minimum 6 players at the start of the game and to continue game.  Not 6 players at match start?   Forfeit awarded by the league.  
  3. Guest players.   
    1. Responsibility of the captain to notify league and collect a guest player fee.
    2. Players for other teams cannot be guest players.

Match Detail

  1. Goal/Penalty area are the same. 
  2. Size 5 ball
  3. Each half is 22 minutes long. Halftime is 3 to 5  minutes.


  1. No guest players.
  2. If tied at the end of regulation - KFTM
    1. Best of 3 wins.   Still tied - sudden death
    2. All players present participate (entire roster) 

Match Play

  1. No offside calls.
  2. Unlimited substitutions. Substitutions are made "on the fly".  
  3. No slide tackles. All infractions are DFK and a Caution (YC).
  4. High Kick dangerous play is a IFK.
  5. Any playing the ball while on the ground is a DFK.
  6. DFK and IFK must wait for referee whistle or gesture.
  7. Goalkeeper taking too long to put ball in play?  IFK from top of the penalty area.  
  8. Opponents must be 10 feet  from Corner Kicks, Free Kicks, Kick Off
  9. A player receiving a caution (YC) must sit out for 3 minutes.    They may be substituted.  

Other Considerations

  • Pensra referees are being hired to help keep the league on time and organized. These are small fields with adults. Referee appropriately.
  • Parking can be difficult. Plan accordingly.

Official Rules

Referees should have a copy of the rules with them at the field.     Only captains can discuss a rule with the referee.   

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