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Girls Academy Rules SummaryPrintable

This rules summary is provided to the referees as a service. These are not the official rules of the competition. NO warranty is made that this summary is up to date.

Last Updated 2/1/23


Girls Academy seeks only the best referees in geographic area.   Regional Referees preferred.   Must be currently licensed with USSF. If a Club Linesman is used, Home Club must email before start of game.  Referees may not be paid cash at the field after the game.   If cash at the field, referees must be paid before the game.  

Match Cards

Home team provides.  Includes players (maximum 18).   Starters must be noted.  No write-ins of player names.   Cross off players not playing.   Take a picture of the match card post match for your records.    Both teams sign post game. Return match card and substitution sheet to home team post game.  


It is possible that there is space for only 4 adults on printed roster.   A 5th adult may be in technical area, but they must present a pass to the referee.    


No more than 5 registered adults in technical area.   Health care professional/ trained do not count toward maximum.

Send offs 

Complete on line report at On-Line Sendoff Report 
Tell the home team if there are any send offs for Violent Conduct.  


Head coverings for religious reasons are permitted.
Home team in light colored uniform.   Away team in dark colored uniform.


The Girls  Academy Substitution Sheet must be used for substitutions during the game.  Kept by AR1 or the Coaches (if both agree). Substitution sheet supplied by home team.   Halftime substitutions do not require the use of the substitution sheet.  Maximum of 7 substitutions per half with no re-entry per half across 5 opportunities/moments.   No more than 3 opportunities/moments per half.   Halftime does not count as an opportunity/moment.  

At any stoppage per FIFA LOTG.

Head Injury Substitutions

A player who suffers a potential head injury may be temporarily substituted for to be evaluated by a HCP.. The Temporary Substitute may be any player who has not previously been substituted for in that half. If all players have been substituted for in that half, then a player may re-enter the match as the Temporary Substitute. c.

If the injured player is cleared to return, and returns to the match, she must replace the Temporary Substitute. The team will NOT be charged a Substitution or Moment.

If the injured player is not cleared to return, or is cleared, and opts not to return for her safety, the Temporary Substitution shall become permanent. Only a Substitution shall be charged. No moment shall be charged for a temporary substitution.

If the team does not have any remaining Substitutions, the Temporary Substitute will be permitted to remain in the match. If the injured player is delayed a clearance beyond the half/match, or the half / match ends during evaluation, the Temporary Substitute shall remain in the match, and shall be a recorded Substitution for that half. 

Match Length

U13-U15 2 - 40 minute halves ...........
U16-U19 2 - 45 minute halves 

10 minute half time0 minute.

Field Conditions

Protests must be presented in writing to referee before start of the game - notify league commissioner.  If field surface becomes unplayable during a game, referees shall consult league commissioner.

Official Websites

Girls Academy Website includes 15 page Referee Guidelines.   Also includes a "Referee One Sheeter"  League recommends that referees carry a copy of the Guidelines to each match.