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Natomas Youth SL Rules SummaryPrintable

This rules summary is provided to the referees as a service. These are not the official rules of the competition. NO warranty is made that this summary is up to date.

League rules last updated 3/11/23. 

Recreational League U10 and U12


These rules are for the Recreation teams from within the NYSL.  They do not apply to NorCal Premier competitive matches.
These matches are a teaching time for players, coaches and parents.  There are no points or incentives.
Co-ed League.   Confer with coaches before the game to determine how many female players must be on the pitch for each team during this match.   A team without sufficient female players will play down (with fewer players).

IFAB "Laws of the Game" 
  • Shin guards. Completely covered by the player’s socks. No shin guards over socks.
  • No visible piercings (earrings, nose piercings)
  • Hair accessories – No hard material (no Plastic/acrylic hair clips, no Claw clips, no plastic or metal beads, no plastic/metal hair pins). Soft hair ribbons, scrunchies, elastic hair ties permitted.
  • No jewelry.  (No necklaces, No bracelets -soft or hard). Wrist religious items MUST be taped.


  • Same color with numbers. Pinnies may be utilized if there is a color conflict. 
  • Goalies must wear a different color than all other field players. 


  • NO Headers for U10 and U12 
    • IFK when intentional or major heading occurs
  • Teams are penalized for goal differentials of 6 or higher.
  • At a goal differential of 5 goals,
    • Remind the coach that there are goal differential sanctions
    • Allow the losing team to add an additional player
  • At a goal differential of 7 goals,
    • Allow the losing team to add a second additional player 
  • Coaches are responsible for managing the game with regards to high goal differentials. 
  • Referee notes in the Match Report what actions were taken by the team that exceeds the Sportsmanship goal differential rule
  • Coach's responsibility
  • Minimum 2 yards off touch line
  • Not behind the goal line
  • For U10 matches sit along tree line or fence line.   Not between fields.
  • For U12+ matches.  Team and supporters on opposite sides of field.   No spectators behind ARs.  Bench at least 5 yards off touch line. 
    • Advise and remind coaches.   Remind to have fun.
    • Take pictures or video of problem coaches or spectators.  Share with the assignor.
    • Call 9-1-1 if violence occurs. (or there is a medical emergency)

4 v 4 Matches U06 and U08

There are no referees for these games.  Coaches run these matches.  These are matches for U06 and U08 players.  Up to 4 matches will be run at the same time.  Up to TWO Field Marshals are assigned for these matches.  We are using the Referee Assigning website as a way to  assign and compensate the field marshals.  These matches are to teach the players, coaches and spectators about soccer.  


A field marshal will be assigned to a single game, BUT we expect the Field Marshal to work two matches simultaneously.


Field Marshal Responsibilities

  • Help the coaches conduct a safe match
  • Help the coaches keep the matches on time.
    • Both of your matches start on your whistle.
    • Both of your matches stop of half time on your whistle
    • Both of your matches start the second half on your whistle.
    • Both of your matches end on your whistle.
  • Guide the coaches and spectators toward appropriate soccer behavior
  • Wear a referee jersey (current or old style)
  • Duties start 10 minutes before match time.   Duties end 10 minutes after end of match. 
  • Carry whistle, watch and charged cell phone

Safety Check

10 minutes before match time, call ALL teams together for a safety check..  This could be 4 teams at once!

  • All players MUST wear shin guards. Shin guards must be completely covered by the player’s socks. Players can NOT wear shin guards over socks
  • Players may NOT wear any piercing (earrings, nose piercings)
  • Hair accessories – Players may NOT wear any hair accessories made of any hard material (no Plastic/acrylic hair clips, no Claw clips, no plastic or metal beads, no plastic/metal hair pins). Soft hair accessories are allowed (hair ribbons, scrunchies, elastic hair ties, etc.)
  • Players are NOT allowed to wear any jewelry (No necklaces, No bracelets -soft or hard). Wrist religious items MUST be taped.
  • shirts/jerseys just need to be same color to differentiate, no numbers required.

Player Instructions

Remind the players 

  • No pushing
  • No screaming or yelling
  • No hands - just your feet
  • No goalkeepers
  • Ball out over touchline = throw-n
  • Ball out over goal line = goal kick  (no corner kicks)
  • Stop playing on a whistle

Coach Instructions and responsibilities

Remind the Coaches

  • Quarter break after 10 minutes.   Clock keeps running.
  • No score is kept - see score differential below
  • Half time is 5 minutes long - on your whistle
  • All players must get playing time. 
  • Remind that: Coaches coach.  Players play. Spectators cheer.
  • Spectators must model respect to everybody and only use encouraging words.  
  • Coaches blow a whistle for hand ball, fouls, kick off.  Coaches handle throw-in and goal kicks.  (Not the Field Marshal)

Keeping Time

All games in your field area will start and end  on YOUR WHISTLE.  Whistle the start and clock starts even if teams are not ready. 

Always start and end on time.  50 minutes is allocated for the match.  No additional time.

Remind coaches when they should be taking a half time break.  If possible, give coaches  a 2 minute warning before the game ends.

If another game is scheduled after,  assist in getting teams off the field so the next teams can play.

Clock ALWAYS starts on time



Match Reports

For the score indicate 0-0.

Do not report any Yellow Cards or Red Cards.

Do note sportsmanship issues in the Notes.  



Work with Coaches.   

Spectators minimum 2 yards off the touch line. 

No spectators behind goal lines. 

Advise and remind parents and coaches as necessary about the good of the game and when behavior is not appropriate. Remind them to also have fun!

Use your cell phone take pictures or video of problem spectators or coaches to share with the assignor as necessary.

Call 9-1-1 if violence occurs or a medical emergency occurs. 

Contact the assignor to report any problems.  


No Goalkeepers

Coaches need to instruct players to NOT stand inside the goal area. They should only be in the gaol area to get the ball out, NOT to be a goalkeeper. Verbally remind players and coaches as necessary (you will do this a lot).




This information is the best that has been given to the webmaster. Please advise as to corrections or links.or links.