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Capital Soccer Allilance Rules SummaryPrintable

This rules summary is provided to the referees as a service. These are not the official rules of the competition. NO warranty is made that this summary is up to date.

Last Updated 7/16/23

Match Cards

Each team provides a roster with player names.   No player passes.  Ask players to verify their birthdate.  Home team provides game card to referee.   Each club may have a different version.   

Teams and Spectators

Home team picks side.  Away team gets other side.   Spectators on the side of their team.  (If insufficient space for spectators on both sides of the field, teams will share one side of the field.)

No spectators behind goal lines.  No noise makers. 

Spectators, tents, popups, chairs, umbrellas MUST be at least 12 feet behind touchline.

Coaching only from within 10 yards of centerline.  Only official coaches in this area.  Only official coaches may coach. Anyone instructing a player who is not an official coach may be asked to leave.  

No dogs.

No alcohol.


Must play 1/2 of game.  Exceptions can be made if other coach and referee notified before start of game. 

No hard casts or braces.

Religious jewelry permitted if covered by tape or wrap.  

Long artificial fingernails must be removed or covered by soft gloves.

Sneakers / tennis shoes permitted (if safe).

Home team wears pinnies or changes colors if there is a color conflict. 



U12 - three referees

Send offs / Incident Reports / Concussion Protocol

Retain the game card if there is a send off. 

Players that sustain any kind of head impact or injury are to be asked to leave the field. Do not allow the player to return if you detect any symptom of concussion including any loss of consciousness.  Fill out an incident report (call the assignor after the game!)

Blow Out Rule

Goal differential of greater than 6  can lead to discipline. Not the referee's job, but might be helpful in match management to mention to coach of the team that is winning.

Ball Size

Home team provides three balls.



  • 9v9
  • Minimum 6 players.
  • 15 minute halves.  !!!!!
  • 10 minute half time.  
  • Yes PKs.  Taken form 10 yards from the goal line
  • Goal kick from anywhere in the goal area.
  • No deliberate heading.  IFK


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