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Peninsula Adult Coed SL Rules SummaryPrintable

This rules summary is provided to the referees as a service. These are not the official rules of the competition. NO warranty is made that this summary is up to date.

This page last updated 8/31/23


Recreational League

This is an O19 recreational league.  The players want to play today and need to go to work tomorrow. Strictly enforce safe play.   

This is NOT a USSF affiliated league.   


Cancelled matches

No pay if cancelled prior to 3 days before match.   50% of pay if cancelled between 3 hours and 3 days before match.  100% pay if cancelled less than 3 hours before match. 


Match card

Manager of each team submits a match card listing player names and jersey number.   There are no player pass cards. Match cards have a place for a physical signature.   Manager's responsibility to decide from whom and collect signatures.  Return match card to a Board Member (?).


Number of Players

11 v 11.   7 players minimum to start or continue.   See gender rules.


Gender rules

Among the field players, no more than 5 male players.   Goal keeper can be either gender.


Guest Players

Each team is allowed up to 8 guests per game, but no more than 20 total players per game.    



Unless explicitly stated otherwise below, all FIFA LOTG are in effect.  Including recent law changes involving:

  • Cautions.   A player receiving a yellow card must leave the game until given permission to return by the referee.   The team may substitute for a yellow-carded player.   Report the team, name and jersey number of palyers reciving a caution in the NOTES of your match report.
  • Submit send-off report for red cards. 
  • Submit a written statement if match is protested.
  • If there is a fight, and at least one player from each team is sent off. terminate the match.  


No jewelry including but not limited to necklaces, watches, earrings and piercings is permitted UNLESS deemed by the referee to be safely taped and padded.   Only prescription glasses permitted.  Glasses should have a safety strap. 



None permitted. Spllnts and braces are permitted if cushioned or otherwise considered safe.  


Game Ball

Each team to provide a game ball.



Gym shorts.  Same colored jerseys with numbers.  Shin guards.  Socks cover shin guards.    Each team must have a set of alternative jerseys in case of a color conflict.  



On kick off, goal kicks and own throw-in.   Not on corner kicks.  Other team can also substitute on a throw-in ("me-too".)  A player that receives a yellow card may be substituted.  


Match Length & Start Time

Halves are typically 45 minutes long. Half time interval is 5 minutes.

If a match starts late, reduce the halves to have the match end on time.   If a match starts 15 or more minutes late, inform the captains that you will be reporting the late start in your match report.   League rules include sanctions for matches that start late.  

After scheduled start time, start a game as soon as each team has 7 players.  

At 15 minutes, include which team did not have 7 players in your match report.   The league can declare a forfeit for teams without 7 players 15 minutes after start time. 


Slide tackling

No slide tackling.  DFK for tackles that touch the ball or opponent.   IFK for dangerous play for a slide  near other players.