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ECNL Regional Rules SummaryPrintable

NorCal Premier ECNL Regional League

This rules summary is provided to the referees as a service. These are not the official rules of the competition. NO warranty is made that this summary is up to date.

Last Updated 8/17/2023

Match Cards

Home team to provide a pre-printed (paper) match card to the Referee.  Away team to provide a copy if needed. Match card is filled out and signed by the Referee and signed by a representative from each team and returned to the home team.  Referee and each representative of each team should take a photo of the signed match card.  

Players must be listed on the match card.   If not on the match card, a player may be added electronically at the field.  The referee is shown the electronic version of the match card.  Then the referee can hand write in the player on the paper match card.  

Protests regarding field conditions must be written on the match card BEFORE the match.  Protests regarding players or player passes must be written on the match card before or after the match.   


A USClub Player Pass for each person (player and adult) in the technical area to be provided to the referee.  Passes must have a picture.  Passes must be laminated.  

If a team is missing player pass(es), the game should be played under protest.   Players without passes MUST have their picture taken by the protesting team.   


At least 1 adult must have a pass with a photo must be on team side for the entire match. Maximum 3 credentialed adults in technical area. Each adult must have a pass.

Club Lines

Must use the diagonal system of control.   DO NOT use a two-man two-whistle system.  Recruit club lines if needed.   No referee (other than club lines) may have a family member in the match.  

Home team

Provides balls.  Changes jersey color if there is a conflict.  

Send offs

Do not confiscate the pass. Leave the pass with the team. Within 24 hours go to> and fill out a send off report.


U14-16: 40 minute halves; 11v11, Maximum 18 players on game day roster.  Half time: maximum = 10 minutes.   Typically 5 minutes to keep field schedule on time.

U17-19: 45 minute halves; 11v11, Maximum 18 players on game day roster   Half time: maximum = 10 minutes.   Typically 5 minutes to keep field schedule on time.


At the discretion of the Referee. EITHER team may substitute at any stoppage.

U12  Unlimited

U13 and up

  • No reentry in the same half
    • Exception for injured goalkeeper.   One reentry per half permitted for an injured goalkeeper.
  • Maximum of 7 substitutions per half
  • A substitution to remove a player suspected to have a head injury shall not count against the re-entry rules. Thus the player entering the game for the injured player may enter without it counting towards his/her re-entry count, and the player that has been removed may re-enter the game (if cleared by a healthcare professional) for the original substitute.

Orthopedic Supports
No hard casts, air splints or metal splints.
Knee, elbow and ankle braces okay - if referee deems safe to player and others.
Soft cast okay - if referee deems safe to player and others.


Any player removed for a suspected head injury cannot return unless cleared by a Health Care Professional. Referees MUST be informed and meet with the Health Care Professional BEFORE the match.

Game Day

15 minute grace time for late arriving teams.  Do not impact later matches.  Both teams and referee can agree to equally shortened halves.
Home Team to provide benches and easy up covers for both teams.
Home Team to provide water for both teams and referee crew.
If time permits, Referees to conduct an "International Walk Out" 5 minutes prior to the match. Teams to shake hands before the game.  

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