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Placer Alliance Rules SummaryPrintable

This rules summary is provided to the referees as a service. These are not the official rules of the competition. NO warranty is made that this summary is up to date.

This page last updated 8/22/23

Zero Tolerance on Referee Abuse

Placer Alliance has a "zero tolerance" policy in regards to comments to the referees.   Coaches are responsible for their spectator sideline behavior.   Discipline the coach if necessary if the coach cannot / will not control spectator behavior.  Do not allow anyone to speak to you in an aggressive manner before, during or after the game.   Answer calmly asked questions from coaches at half time and after the game.   Coaches are not permitted to dispute any calls during or after the game.  Tolerate no yelling directed to you before, during or after the game.   Work with the coach to deal with violations.   If necessary, warn, caution or send off the coach for coach or spectator behavior.  

Recreational League

This is a recreational youth league.   Remind coaches if necessary that goal differentials of more than 6 are not permitted.


GBFC U06-U08 Facilitators


Check In and Match card


Home Team Provides

Game balls.

Coach Responsibilities include

Game balls.
Misconduct (players and spectators)
Braces and casts.
Player jewelry

Facilitator Responsibilities include

Ask coaches to ask players to remove jewelry.
Stop game  for fouls.   Keep players safe.
Keep matches on time.
Four 10 minute periods.     5 minute half time.   Water breaks in hot weather permitted / encouraged.  Size 3 ball
Substitutions at any stoppage  Or injuries and quarters ??????
Kick - in if ball goes into touch.
All free kicks are indirect.  Opponents 10 feet away.  
No penalty kicks
No intentional heading


Placer Alliance U09-U14


Check In and Match card

Match card provided by home team.   Away team to write in their team roster.  All players and adults in the technical area to have laminated USClub passes.   Player no pass? = no play.   Adult no pass? = Cannot be in technical area. 


Unlimited at any stoppage with referee approval.   Referee can deny substitutions if the referee determines that a team is subbing excessively.


Field Layout

Teams set up as shown.