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What is the Rank?

A referee has a Referee Rank and a Assistant Referee Rank. This is the level of a match that ANY Assignor should be comfortable without restrictions for this Referee. Assignors use the Rank as a means to communicate to other Assignors where this Referee can be assigned. This is the level of the match that the Assignor recommends for the referee with no hesitation about their ability or other referee characteristics.

Initial Rank?

Go to Referee:Ranking to review your rank. New Referees are given an initial level of ability up to the rank of three. New to Pensra, experienced referees should communicate with an assignor to get an appropriate initial rank.

Changing Rank?

Assignors use Assignor:Manage-Users to change a referee's rank. Please include a reason for the rank change. Reasons could be:
'Reviewed filed Evaluations between 3/1/2010 and 6/1/2010 and they were all positive.'
'Referee requested an upgrade of Rank. Watched second half of a real competitive match and he did a good job.'
'Referee no-showed and did not call for a match two weekends in a row. Told me to 'buzz off' when I got him on the phone.'
'A well respected referee told me that this referee has improved a lot this season and is ready for the next level matches.'

Referees can review these comments at Referee:Ranking. Assignors can review these comments at Assignor:Directory

Low Rank?

Rank is the level that ANY Assignor would recommend this Referee to any other Assignor. If a Referee has 'issues' they should not be ranked highly. For example a referee that has 'no-showed' for several matches does not deserve a high ranking, even though they may be qualified to referee college level matches. Another example may be a referee that is under challenged by low level matches and shows that with their attitude or demeanor. The Rank ONLY impacts the SelfAssign process. A Referee can still request any Match. The difference is that an Assignor has to manually assign the Referee. Click here to see the Default Referee and Match Ranks