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DEPRECATED How to find a GotSoccer Field NumberPrintable

There are at least four methods to find the GotSoccer Field Number.

You need the GotSoccer Field ID# so that the match can be mapped to the Pensra Field Number

  • Find the Pensra Field Number. Go to Information:Locations.
  • Ask the Webmaster to map the GotSoccerFieldID#=>Pensra Field Number.

1) Use the GotSoccer Facility Search function

In the graphic, the location named Bayside has the GotSoccer Field ID# 7667

    • Logon to
    • Navigate to Home=>Facility Search
    • Enter the Field name and reduce the number of results by specifying "CA"
      Field Name must be identical in all respects: e.g. spaces and capitalization NOTE: You can enter a GotSoccer Field ID# as the Name to look up a Facility by number alone.

2) Compare the GotSoccer Load to the GotSoccer Schedule

In the graphic, GotSoccer Field 110984 does not have a mapping to a value in Pensra

    • Load the Schedule into Pensra and note the Field Key for a missing mapping
    • Find the GotSoccer name for the field.
      1. Go to the GotSoccer tournament schedule and find the same match. Use Gender, Age and Team Name to confirm the same match.
      2. Look in the column GSFieldName

3) Look at a Schedule Data Export

    • Logon to GotSoccer and Export the Schedule
    • There "might" be two columns named "Field" and "Field ID". Not all data exports from GotSoccer will have the Field ID column. If Field ID is there, it is the GotSoccer number for the listed field.

4) Click on a field hyperlink inside GotSoccer and read the URL

There are many different places within GotSoccer where you can find field hyperlinks. Below is only one.

    • Navigate to somewhere in GotSoccer where the desired field is hyperlinked
    • Click on the hyperlink
    • Read the FieldID=###### in the url on your browser