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SFYS Recreational Rules SummaryPrintable

This rules summary is provided to the referees as a service. These are not the official rules of the competition. NO warranty is made that this summary is up to date.

Last Updated 8/31/2022

Weather Hot Line / Game Day Hot Line

Questions? Talk to field marshal first. No field marshal? Call 415-794-2974

Match Reports

Submit match reports online at the Pensra website-> Must logon.


ALL Players must be pictured on a "Game Day Photo Roster"
Guest Players must be on printed "Game Day Roster".
NO handwritten players.


Only 2 coaches in the Technical Area ("Coaches' Box"). Adults must be pictured on the game day roster. Guest coach okay IF they have a pictured game day roster from the match date. Cannot use an old roster.


One USSF Referee and two volunteer assistant referees (STAR or club lines)
Games that start late must be shortened equally in each half to end on time.
No coach? no passes? no team? - do not wait more than 5 minutes.
Running late? - check passes at half time.

Send offs

Click here-> for procedure.

Ball Size

2nd Grade - U09 - Size 4   
3rd Grade - U10 - Size 4   
4th Grade - U12 - Size 4  
5th Grade - U12 - Size 4    
6th-8th Grade - U15 - Size 5    

Mercy Rule

Gently remind - do not enforce.
Coaches are requested to reduce the number of their players when the goal differential is +4
Remind coaches that they can lose a point for winning by 5 or more goals.

Number of Players

2nd Grade - U08 - 7v7 Minimum 5 Maximum 13
3rd Grade - U10 - 7v7 Minimum 5 Maximum 13
4th Grade - U11 - 9v9 Minimum 7 Maximum 15
5th Grade - U12 - 9v9 Minimum 7 Maximum 15
6th-8th Grade - U15 - 9v9 Minimum 7 Maximum 18

Match Length

2nd Grade - U09 - 4 x 10 minute quarters  (1 minute between 1st & 2nd  and 3rd & 4th) (5 minutes between 2nd and 3rd)
3rd Grade - U10 - 4 X 12 minute quarters (1 minute between 1st & 2nd  and 3rd & 4th) (5 minutes between 2nd and 3rd)
4th Grade - U11 - 2 X 30 minute
5th Grade - U12 - 2 X 30 minute
6th-8th Grade - U15 - 2 X 35 minute

5 minute half time all levels

Age specific

Legal slide tackling is permitted at all ages
PK and DFK all ages.

Direct Kicks allowed all ages
... For 2nd and 3rd grade - Ages U08-U10, the wall should be set at 8 yards
... For 4th and up grades - Ages U11-U15, the wall should be set at 10 yards

Penalty Kicks allowed all ages
... For 2nd and 3rd grade - Ages U08-U10, the kick should be taken at 8 yards
... For 4th grade up - Ages U11 and up, the kick should be taken at 10 yards

... Enforced at all ages.

... For U08-U09 One re-throw at referee discretion Referee will instruct.
... For U10-U15 Per LOTG

No deliberate heading
... 2nd - 5th Grade - U08-U13. Infractions are an IFK.

7v7 Build out line 

  • Home team to mark a build out line equidistant between the halfway line and the top of the penalty area with flat cones.
  • Attackers should move back to the build out line when the goalkeeper has possession, or on a goal kick
  • Players must remain behind the build out line until the ball is in play on goal kicks or when the ball is released from the hands of the keeper
  • The keeper cannot punt or drop kick the ball from their hands
  • Attackers cannot be in an offside position while behind the build out line
  • Infractions result in an IFK

Substitutions  Updated 8/31/22

2nd Grade - U09 - At 10 minutes, half time and for injured player.
3rd Grade - U10 - At 12 minutes, half time and for injured player
4th-8th Grade - U11 thru U15 - Unlimited substitutions at any stoppage with referee permission

You can NOT Add time for time lost for substitutions.


  • Each half reduced by 5 minutes
  • If tied - straight to KFTPM
  • KFTPM for 7v7 is best of 3 then sudden death - from 8 yds.
  • KFTPM for 9v9 is best of 3 then sudden death- from 10 yds
  • KFPTM for 11v11 is best of 5 then sudden death.
  • Only 10 minutes allotted for KFTPM - keep it moving!
  • No guest players

Playoff Rules->

More Information

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Rules of the Competition

Rules Fall 2022


  • Referees are encouraged to explain infractions.
  • Prepare a Match Report on the Pensra website.
    >> No report = no pay
    >> Report rainouts. You are paid if the game started. Otherwise no pay.
    >> Report possible forfeits. You are paid. You do not declare a forfeit or the winner - leave that to the league!
    >> You must have a W9 form on file with Pensra or SFYS\
    >> Record/report the names of the STAR referees.