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Last Updated 8/15/2023

Elite Clubs National League (ECNL)

As of August, 2023 only San Francisco Elite and Bay Area Surf (San Jose) have teams playing in this competition.

Match Cards

Printed rosters required.  Both teams must provide.  No changes in listed players after kick-off.  Must be signed by both teams.  Referee to submit Match Report to the designated ECNL contact or home team after the match.

Handwritten entries okay.  Maximum 18 players per team.  

Include final score, half time score, goal scorers and the minute they scored, yellow cards (Player and reason), red cards (player and reason)|
Referee signatures


US Club "ECNL" Passes only.

No more than 18 players can participate in each game.

Referee Fees

Must meet a minimum pay scale set forth by the ECNL.  Clubs may pay more.  (Dated August 2023)
$75-$50-$50 for U17-U19
$65-$40-$40 for U14-U16
$60-$40-$40 or U13

Athletic Trainer

Home team required to provide.

Game Ball

U11-U12 Size 4
U13-U19 Size 5. 

Girls matches. Should be a Nike brand.
Boys matches. Should be Puma brand.

Red Card

Players and coaches that receive a red card cannot participate in any ECNL match that day or the next.  Do NOT keep the pass.   Report red cards to Kristn Brunner at   and/or


U11-U12: 30 minute halves: 10 minute half
U13: 35 minute halves: 10 minute half
U14-U16: 40 minute halves: 10 minute half
U17-U19: 45 minute halves: 15 minute half


  • At any stoppage with the permission of the Referee.

U11-U12  Unlimited


  • A player that has been substituted may not re-enter the game for the duration of the half.
  • A player that has been substituted in one period of over time may not re-enter the game.
  • Maximum of 7 substitutions in any half or in overtime.
  • May temporarily substitute to evaluate a head injury, provided the team has a substitution remianin in that half/overtime, without the substitution counting toward the total number in that half/overtime and without prohibiting re-ernty by the palyer being evaluated (if cleared). 

International walk in 


Referees to conduct an international walk in before the match. (This was suspended during the COVID pandemic) 


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