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SalesForce Charity Cup Rules SummaryPrintable

This rules summary is provided to the referees as a service. These are not the official rules of the competition. NO warranty is made that this summary is up to date.

Rules last updated 6/11/2018

Tournament Rules

  1. Format -- 6v6.
  2. NO Players in Goal Area. NO Goalkeepers. (No players are permitted to handle the ball.)
    • Flat cones will define goal area
    • Defensive Team first offense = Penalty Kick
    • Defensive team second and subsequent offense = Penalty Kick and play a man down for remainder of match
    • Offensive team = DFK for opponents
  3. Match length 20 minutes. No half time. No stoppage time.
  4. Minimum Players Game is forfeited if a team does not have at least 5 players at the start of the game.
  5. NO cleats. Flats, turf shoes, sneakers are okay.
  6. NO visible jewelry. No exceptions.
  7. Shinguards. Not required.
  8. Uniforms. Tournament will supply t-shirts for each team..
  9. Substitutions: At any stoppage. At mid field. No need to ask the referee. The player being substituted must be off the field before the substitute enters.
  10. NO offside calls.
  11. Throw-Ins: No throw-ins. Kicks-ins only. Kick-ins are indirect. Five feet by defenders is automatically given.
  12. NO Slide-tackling. Award an IFK
  13. Tie Breakers in quarterfinal, semifinal, consolation and final matches. 5 minute extra period with Golden Goal. Penalty shoot out if still tied.
  14. Cautions. Yellow Card: 5 minute sin bin -- cautioned player is removed for 5 minutes and the team plays one player down.
  15. Send off. Red Card: The instruction to the players are: "It's a charity tournament, don't get a red card." Team plays one player down for remainder of match. Player cannot return to this match. Discretion of Tournament Director if player can return to subsequent matches.
  16. Referees - Players have been told, "The decision of the referee is final. Mistakes are obviously unintentional, and are part of the game. The referee is considered part of the field. "
  17. Sportsmanship: The players have been told, "The organizers have zero tolerance for unsportsman-like behavior."

Other Considerations

  1. Keeping the matches on time is critical. On time and in sync with the other matches. Try to start and end your match within seconds of the other matches. Do NOT add time for substitutions or injuries.
  2. During semifinals, quarter finals and the finals all the parallel matches should start at about the same time. If one match goes to overtime or KFTM, then all the subsequent matches will be delayed the same period of time.
  3. Penalty Kicks. From center of the field.. No goalkeeper. Hit or miss.

Other Considerations

  • Pensra referees are being hired to help keep the tournament on time and organized. These are small fields with adults. Referee appropriately.
  • The players are employees of SalesForce. Some individuals may not have played soccer before or some individuals might not have played for several years. Some individuals will be very good. All players need to go back to work on Monday. Player safety is paramount.
  • This is a charity event. The teams are playing for bragging rights.
  • Parking at Crocker Amazon is difficult. There is a second lot on Moscow Street. Carpool. Players will be showing up at 9 am to register for the tournament.
  • Theft is unfortunately common in Crocker Amazon. Do not leave valuables visible in your car.
  • Referees are welcome to partake in food and drink being offered to the players.
  • Payment will be made via PayPal 2 weeks after the tournament.
  • Pay is $20 per match. Each match is 20 minutes long. There is between 5 and 15 minutes between matches
  • If you sign up and no show - you will be fined by Pensra 2X your missed match fee. You will not be permitted to referee any matches assigned by Pensra until this fee is paid.
  • There will be a MANDATORY Referee meeting at 9:40 before the first match. If you are late - your spot will be given to another referee.