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Where can I see a list of my Match Reports and payments?Printable


Go to Referee:Accounting

This is a list of your Match Reports and what the Treasurer/Assignor has done in regards to your Match Reports.

You can sort by:

  • Date Range
  • PlayingLeague
  • Client
  • Status
  • Period

Paid indicates that a Treasurer has marked that you have been paid.
Pending indicates that you have filed a Match Report and there are no prolbems with the Match and that the Treasurer has not yet run the payroll for this Match
Review means that something about the Match needs to be addressed by the Treasurer or Assignor. After their review they will mark the MatchReport as Pending or Paid with $0.00
Period indicates which payroll run was used to have paid you.
Date Range
You can use absolute values like 6/1/2017 or relative values like "last month"