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Central California Soccer League Rules SummaryPrintable

This rules summary is provided to the referees as a service. These are not the official rules of the competition. NO warranty is made that this summary is up to date.

This page last updated 3/7/2018


The Central California Soccer League is the oldest men's amateur soccer league in the Sacramento area. The matches are by far the most challenging to officiate in Northern California. Most teams have NPSL and former professional players.

Thank you for being part of the Central California Soccer League officiating crews. The assignor is:
........... Moe Shafai
........... Cell: 916-205-9687
........... P.O. Box 1167, Newcastle, CA 95658


  1. Referee Crew Arrival

    You must arrive at the venue at least 30 minutes before kickoff. If any of your crew members are not at the venue 30 minutes before game time, you need to call the assignor.

  2. Game Cards

    Game cards are pre-printed. Obtain game cards from the home team or from the shed.

  3. Player Passes

    All players MUST have a current CSAN player pass. The only exception is when you receive an email from the Assignor indicating that certain players do not have a CSAN pass but are eligible to participate providing that they have a valid picture identification.

    NO CCSL BOARD members shall approve a player to play if they do not have a pass. If that happens, call the Assignor and the Assignor will instruct you to allow the player to play or not. If the Assignor is not available by phone, then text the assignor the name of the player, the team name and the CCSL Board Member that is approving the player and allow the player to participate.

    You must document all player pass issues in your match report AND via email/text to the Assignor.

    No player shall play for another team, even if the other team is short of players. NO EXCEPTIONS

    Please check that player passes are current. Recently a player was found to be using a five year old pass.

    Collect and hold the passes during the match.

  4. Number of Players

    If one or both teams cannot staff 7 players prior to kickoff or fall below 7 players during the match, then you MUST tell the Assignor.

  5. Roster

    Maximum roster size is 18 players. All participating player names must be written on the game card. Late arriving players (can participate in the second half,can participate) after they are checked in by the referee team, their pass verified and their name added to the game card.

  6. Match Start Time

    Games must start on time. If your game starts even one minute late , you MUST report to the assignor why the match started late and which team caused the match to start late.

  7. Grace Period

    There is a 15 minute grace period for the visiting team to staff 7 players. (There is no grace period for the home team.) If after 15 minutes, the visitors cannot field a team, then blow the whistle and declare the end of the game. ( If at match time, the home team cannot field a team, then blow the whistle and declare the end of the game.) At no point shall any of the referee crew declare a forfeit. That is not your job. The League will decide on such matters.

  8. Team Officials

    There is a maximum of THREE team officials in the Technical Area. (Do Team Officials have passes?)


  1. LOTG

    FIFA with the following exceptions

  2. Substitutions

    Unlimited substitutions at any stoppage with referee approval. Prior to the restart of the game following a player being cautioned, the player may be substituted per coach's request. (Cautioned player is obsolete now?)

    "By the book" - Leaving players must be completely off the field before the entering substitute can enter the field of play.

    Either the referee or the AR1 is at the point of entry for the substitute. NO EXCEPTIONS

  3. Match Length

    2 x 45 minute halves. 15 minute half time. Half time can be reduced to 10 minutes if match started late.

  4. Reduce Time

    At no point shall the referee of the match end the game early regardless of the score of the game. The only exception is when BOTH coaches agree to end the game early. Player's recommendation to end the game are not to be considered.


  1. Cautions

    Please initial and date the back of the player's pass for any player that receives a caution.

  2. Third Caution

    If a player has accumulated his third caution, then hold on to the player pass and mail it to the Assignor

  3. Send-Off

    If a player was sent off, then hold on to the player pass and mail it to the Assignor.

  4. Return Player Passes

    At the end of each match, you are to count the number of players that were checked in and give that many player passes minus any send offs or players with 3 yellow card passes to the team MANAGER OR COACH and OBTAIN his signature. Please record on the game card the number of passes returned. For example write down "13 player passes were given to Cruz Azul".

    Do not give any of the player passes to any players unless for that day there was no manager or coach. In that situation then someone must have been in charge so get their signature. Sometimes the coach will not cooperate and will not sign the game card. Still write down on the game card the number of player passes that were returned to that team and that the coach refused to sign.


  1. Pensra Report

    Each crew member must complete a Pensra Match Report by Sunday at 11 PM. MatchReports are time stamped. Referee pay is calculated and processed by the website.


    • score of the match
    • sportsmanship ratings
    • number of cautions
    • number of sendoffs
    • notes

    In the notes section:
    • for each goal scored, note the goal scorer's name, the team's name, the player's jersey number and the time in the match that the goal was scored
    • name, team and jersey # for each player cautioned
    • name, team and jersey # for each player sent off
    • any pass issues
    • if the match was terminated or abandoned
    • if the match started late and why
    • if a team had less than 11 players

  2. Send Off Report

    Download and print the GameOfficials Send-Off Report-> Pensra Send Off Report (you will need Adobe reader installed on your computer) and mail by to the Assignor by Monday.

  3. Mail Game Card


    • Game Cards
    • if appropriate player passes
    • if appropriate send off reports

    MUST be mailed to the Assignor no later than Monday morning. If the game card arrives later than Wednesday, the Referee of the Match will be fined $30. With any subsequent late arrival of the game card from the same referee, the fine will be increased to $60