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Alliance FC Tournament Rules SummaryPrintable

This rules summary is provided to the referees as a service. These are not the official rules of the competition. NO warranty is made that this summary is up to date.

Last Updated 1/22/2019

Santa Cruz Breakers Cup Rules />
Disregard the rules below.


Several Tournaments each year

  • Winter Classic (January)
  • Futbol Classic (February)
  • Cinco de Mayo (May)
  • Junior Cup (July)

Game Information


  • 5v5
  • 2x20 minute halves
  • Size 3 or 4 ball
  • Max. dressed players=10
  • Players to start/continue =3
  • No heading
  • KFTPM best of 3

  • 7v7
  • 2x20 minute halves
  • Size 4 ball
  • Max. dressed players=14
  • Players to start/continue =5
  • No heading
  • Build out line
  • KFTPM best of 3

  • 9v9
  • 2x25 minute halves
  • Size 4 ball
  • Max. dressed players=16
  • Players to start/continue =7
  • No heading
  • KFTPM best of 3

  • 11v11
  • 2x30 minute halves
  • Size 5 ball
  • Max. dressed players=18
  • Players to start/continue =8

Home Team

Schedule is Home vs Away
Jersey conflict => Home changes. Suggest Home wear dark and Away wear light.
Home team supplies game ball(s).

Kickoff / Start / End / Halftime

Team not on field with required number of players forfeits at 5 minutes after scheduled start time.
Preliminary matches will end no later than 5 minutes before scheduled start of next match.
Halftime is EXACTLY 5 minutes

SemiFinal and Consolation and Championship

SemiFinal matches requiring a winner will go straight to KFTPM if tied.
Consolation and Championship matches will have two 5 minute overtimes (with no rest period between). GOLDEN GOAL applies. Is still tied KFTPM

Player safety

No casts, air splints, metal splints.

Official rules

Winter Classic 2019 />