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Welcome to Peninsula Soccer Referees Association. We serve soccer programs in San Mateo & San Francisco Counties (CNRA South Region-> ).

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Past Due Accounts

As of March 20, the following Client organizations have not paid their outstanding Pensra accounts. Matches for these Clients are subject to being removed from Pensra without further notice.

San Francisco Glens
Alliance Futbol Club
San Mateo County FC
Pacifica United SC

2017 Referee Registration

At this time of year Pensra manually updates referee registration status from the CNRA database. The last update was conducted on 3/19/2017.

IF you updated your registration with CNRA before 3/9/17 AND your registration year in PenSRA does not say 2017 (Check your status at Pensra: Logon, Go to Services:Profiles-Referee), THEN please contact the webmaster.

Wednesday March 15th, 2017

New Feature
Referees will now see "Conflicts" for their matches, including conflicts associated with other crew members on the same match. Conflicts can be any of the self assign rules for a match. We will be experimenting with which self assign rules to test. Right now we are testing Schedule.

If you see this feature - feel free to tell us if you think this is helpful or a pain. w...More

2017 Assignor Registration

At this time of year Pensra manually updates assignor registration status from the CNRA database. The last update was conducted on 3/5/2017.

If you are an USSF Assignor, and your USSF registration at the top of the Assignor page is incorrect, please forward to the webmaster proof a screen shot of your current Assignor registration. CNRA does NOT provide us with a means to check if your assignor registration is current.

Monday February 27th, 2017

Accurate Birthdates
A referee's age is one the criteria that assignors use to ascertain whether a referee can self assign to a specific match. Remember Self-Assign is for those referee assignments that are 'automatic' approvals on the part of the assignor. Clearly you would not 'automatically' permit a 15 year old referee to work a U19 match.

So far this spring 6 different referees hav...