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Welcome to Peninsula Soccer Referees Association. We serve soccer programs in San Mateo & San Francisco Counties (CNRA South Region-> ).

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2017-2018 LOTG available on-line !!!

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Pensra is a member of the National Association of Sports Officials.
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Sunday September 17th, 2017

Toward the end of a NorCal Premier BU11 match, spectators from the Monterey Bay Sharks B07 Blue assaulted an adult assistant referee. The referee was struck an estimated 13-16 times and sustained injuries (abrasions, contusions, swel...

Friday September 15th, 2017

Substitution Rules Changes
Effective 9/23/17 CCSL,, Cal North Premier and CCSL Prep Matches will go to

Substitutions-Unlimited and at any stoppage

Monday September 11th, 2017

USSF Referee Registration data in the Pensra database was last updated on September 9, 2017.

Tournament Schedule

9/23 - 9/24/17 --- Palo Alto Tall Trees

San Jose Referee Association Meetings

Attention all local Soccer Referees —

The monthly meeting of the San Jose Soccer Referee Association will be held
on TUESDAY, September 12th, starting at 7:30 PM at Quinlan Community Center,
10185 N Stelling Rd, Cupertino CA 95014.

Non-members and guests are welcome and there's no charge to attend, so please
bring a friend. The moderators for the meeting are USSF National Referee Joe
Dickerson and USSF National Referee Emeritus Peter Fletcher (with help from friends).

Agenda for the Meeting is as follows:

7:30-8:00 Good of the Game
A discussion of your issues and questions, with feedback from the
group and guidance on whether you (or the referee on TV) handled
that situation the right way!

8:00-9:00 New FIFA Guidance on Fouls and Misconduct
FIFA has released another set of videos of plays and recommended
rulings for these plays. We'll look through as many videos as we can
and see what decisions we would have made, and compare our
answers with FIFA's guidance. Also in each case we'll cover whether
we would recommend different decisions for youth games.

9:00-9:15 SJSRA Business Meeting
Upcoming Events, Club Activities, and other things you need to know.

Please Note Dates of Future Cupertino Area Meetings:

Tues, Oct 17th -- SJSRA Meeting at Quinlan Center
Wed, Nov 8th -- SJSRA Meeting at Quinlan Center
Thur, Dec 7th -- Referee of the Year Awards Banquet at Quinlan Center

Friday August 25th, 2017

7v7 Build Out Line
USSF is mandating that a build out line will be used in 7v7 matches effective immediately.

A Pensra 7v7 Training module is NOW REQUIRED in order to self assign to U09 and U10 matches. See Referee:Training

LOTG Revisions
2016-2017 saw a major re...Going

Wednesday August 23rd, 2017

Last year USSF came out with a new referee jersey. If you are buying a new jersey, might be best to get the new design (two half height (starting from the bottom) vertical black stripes on each side of the front with two breast pockets with black tabs).