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How to Import Matches from BYGAPrintable

This functionality is in beta stage and can be used.   Please report problems and suggestions.

Byga  is a Silicon Valley based club management system that includes field scheduling. The BYGA platform is used by some clubs that are also Pensra Clients.   Byga clubs have preferential capabilities to move matches from the Byga system to the Pensra system for referee scheduling.   Byga offers Pensra access to Byga match information, including match information from GotSoccer Classic, GotSport, Demosphere, Affinity and other league management platforms.

For more information regarding BYGA see

GotSport data in Pensra  may  NOT be real time.  Unless manually updated,  there will be a lag between the time there is a revision in the GotSport league management system and the time the updated data is available at Pensra .  Pensra refreshes external data nightly, thus the data you see can be 24 hours (or even more) out-of-date.  

As always the accuracy of data in the Pensra database is the sole responsibility of the Clients and not of Pensra or BYGA. 

To import GotSport match data into Pensra

Pre-season Set up

  1. The Byga competition must have a Source table entry in Pensra .   This is typically added by the webmaster or other Pensra officers at the start of each season when schedules are released by the leagues.  Check for active Source entries (Active = Now) at Manage-Sources
  2. The field numbers in GotSport must be mapped to Pensra field numbers.   In GotSport these are called pitch numbers.   They are also called location_field_Id.  Please tell the Webmaster the field name, the GotSport field number and the Pensra field number.  How to find a GotSport Field Number 
  3. The teams participating in GotSport, must have a Teams table entry with their GotSport Team Id number affiliating the team with a Pensra Client.   A team can have a different Team_Id for each GotSport Event.  This is accomplished at Client:Byga-Teams or Client:Manage-Teams.  See How to find a GotSport Team Number for a specified Event

Add Matches to Pensra

  1. Go to Client:BYGA-Teams.   Set the criteria for the Byga teams of interest.   Verify that each team has a Pensra Teams table entry nnnn number in the Action column.
  2. Go to Client:BYGA-Matches.   Set the criteria for the matches you are looking for and click Show.   Click on the add function for an individual match or globally for the displayed matches.