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Please set the criteriaTerm for the Matches that you would like to list and click "Show". You can also view the detail for any MatchTerm by clicking on the numeric value you'll see in the "Match" column of the Results List.

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The following Matches meet the criteria you have set. You can see the detail associated with a specific Match by clicking on the Match Number (that's the number in the "Match" column) in the same row as the entry you are interested in.

2276972/23/2019Sat8:00 amFriendlyBookgreenU15El Camino Soccer FieldRefAccept
2280292/23/2019Sat8:00 amSMC TremorBookgreenU15Fair Oaks SchoolRefAccept AR1Accept AR2Accept
2280302/23/2019Sat8:00 amSMC TremorBookgreenU15Hillview Middle SchoolRefAccept AR1Accept AR2Accept
2280312/23/2019Sat8:00 amSMC TremorBookgreenU10Hoover NE-NorthRefAccept
2280332/23/2019Sat8:00 amSMC TremorBookgreenU10Hoover NW-NorthRefAccept
2280322/23/2019Sat8:00 amSMC TremorBookgreenU09Hoover NW-SouthRefAccept
2280342/23/2019Sat8:00 amSMC TremorBookgreenU15Hoover SouthRefAccept AR1Accept AR2Accept
2280352/23/2019Sat8:45 amSMC TremorBookgreenU15Kelly Field Full SizeRefAccept AR1Accept AR2Accept
2280372/23/2019Sat8:55 amSMC TremorBookgreenU10Hoover NE-NorthRefAccept
2280362/23/2019Sat8:55 amSMC TremorBookgreenU09Hoover NE-SouthRefAccept
2280392/23/2019Sat8:55 amSMC TremorBookgreenU10Hoover NW-NorthRefAccept
2280382/23/2019Sat8:55 amSMC TremorBookgreenU09Hoover NW-SouthRefAccept
2280402/23/2019Sat9:15 amSMC TremorBookgreenU13Fair Oaks SchoolRefAccept AR1Accept AR2Accept
2280412/23/2019Sat9:15 amSMC TremorBookgreenU15Hillview Middle SchoolRefAccept AR1Accept AR2Accept
2280422/23/2019Sat9:15 amSMC TremorBookgreenU15Hoover SouthRefAccept AR1Accept AR2Accept
2280442/23/2019Sat9:50 amSMC TremorBookgreenU10Hoover NE-NorthRefAccept
2280432/23/2019Sat9:50 amSMC TremorBookgreenU09Hoover NE-SouthRefAccept
2280462/23/2019Sat9:50 amSMC TremorBookgreenU09Hoover NW-NorthRefAccept
2280452/23/2019Sat9:50 amSMC TremorBookgreenU09Hoover NW-SouthRefAccept
2270232/23/2019Sat10:00 amFriendlyBookgreenU14El Camino Soccer FieldRefAccept
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