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Select the Pensra MatchTerm you personally observed during the previous 15 days by setting the appropriate column Criteria and clicking "Show". Click on the value in the "Match" column to see the match details and initiate an Evaluation of one of the Referee Crew members.

Evaluation Criteria
FieldAction reset
2236469/23/20188:00 pmNorCal State CupGU15El Camino Soccer Field
2237399/23/20188:00 pmNorCal State CupBU19Mayfield South
2232709/23/20187:15 pmNorCal State CupBU09King Center #1 West
2203069/23/20187:00 pmNorCal State CupGU13South San Francisco HS
2185479/23/20186:30 pmNorCal PremierBU17Highlands Park (San Carlos)
2228949/23/20186:15 pmNorCal State CupGU17Mayfield South
2177709/23/20186:00 pmNorCal State CupBU16El Camino Soccer Field
2236589/23/20186:00 pmNorCal State CupGU16Fair Oaks School
2241629/23/20186:00 pmNorCal State CupGU13Cubberley 1
2236039/23/20185:45 pmNorCal State CupGU17Cubberley Football Field
2213189/23/20185:30 pmNorCal State CupBU12Cubberley North
2242599/23/20185:30 pmNorCal State CupGU12Beach Chalet #4
2235829/23/20185:15 pmNorCal State CupGU16Crocker Amazon #1
2235839/23/20185:15 pmNorCal State CupGU19Crocker Amazon #4
2235989/23/20185:15 pmNorCal State CupGU19City College of SF
2176779/23/20185:00 pmNorCal PremierBU19Port Royal Park
2187679/23/20185:00 pmCCSL CoastGU11Jack Lyle Field
2230029/23/20185:00 pmCCSL CoastGU18Crocker Amazon #2
2198629/23/20185:00 pmNorCal State CupBU12Heather Elem Sch
2199709/23/20185:00 pmNorCal State CupGU11Osberg Field
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