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We show the following Match Results from completed Pensra Referee Assignments for select PlayingLeagues (see the Pulldown below for participating PlayingLeagues) that meet the criteria you have set (as of Saturday, March 25th, 2023 at 6:33am PDT). Note that this list IS subject to change as additional Referees file their reports associated with Assignment completion.

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2925203/24/2023NorCal PremierGU13Woodside Crush 10 G NPL vs M...0-0
2944993/21/2023ZogSportsMixedO21Taco Tuesday vs KAS 3.02-5
2953653/21/2023ZogSportsMixedO21Ballers vs East Bay Ballstar...2-5
2953663/21/2023ZogSportsMixedO21Arse(nal) vs PBR Coffee0-0
2944943/21/2023ZogSportsMixedO21Wolfhound FC vs Golazo FC1-0
2953593/21/2023ZogSportsMixedO21BFF United vs Fresh Trash0-1
2944953/21/2023ZogSportsMixedO2198 Degrees vs Joga Bonito FC1-6
2869903/20/2023Palo Alto Coed SLMixedO19BHTT vs Suicide Squad0-2
2869913/20/2023Palo Alto Coed SLMixedO19Forza Abbruzzo vs Bonanza8-0
2953323/20/2023ZogSportsMixedO21Norwich Phase vs Filthy Casu...0-1
2953293/20/2023ZogSportsMixedO21Fitbit FC vs Squeakin’ By6-1
2953333/20/2023ZogSportsMixedO21Squeakin’ By vs Twitch Pla...2-5
2946403/19/2023CCSL CoastBU09Albion Silicon Valley B14 Ac...1-4
2932953/19/2023NorCal PremierBU08Alpine Strikers 15B White vs...3-0
2936713/19/2023NorCal PremierBU08Alpine Strikers 15B Blue vs ...8-1
2932993/19/2023NorCal PremierGU08Alpine Strikers 15G Arsenal ...0-2
2931073/19/2023NorCal PremierBU09Alpine Strikers 14B Cardinal...2-2
2931053/19/2023NorCal PremierBU10Alpine Strikers 13B Red vs W...0-1
2949673/19/2023NorCal PremierGU10Alpine Strikers 13G White vs...3-0
2935383/19/2023NorCal PremierGU10Alpine Strikers 13G Red vs S...0-2
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