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We show the following Match Results from completed Pensra Referee Assignments for select PlayingLeagues (see the Pulldown below for participating PlayingLeagues) that meet the criteria you have set (as of Sunday, December 8th, 2019 at 3:42pm PST). Note that this list IS subject to change as additional Referees file their reports associated with Assignment completion.

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24647012/5/2019IPlayForSFMixedO21Slapnut Magoos vs Wide Bodie...3-5
24647212/5/2019IPlayForSFMixedO21Fugitives vs total football1-5
24647412/5/2019IPlayForSFMixedO21TBD vs TBD7-2
24647112/5/2019IPlayForSFMixedO21Peanut Bears vs Megalodong3-2
24647312/5/2019IPlayForSFMixedO21rbar vs San Pancho FCCaution 1 3-1
24647512/5/2019IPlayForSFMixedO21TBD vs TBDCaution 3 3-2
24647812/3/2019IPlayForSFMO21Field 2 vs Thundercats3-2
24648112/3/2019IPlayForSFMO21Blacksox vs TBD CBD1-3
24647712/3/2019IPlayForSFMO21Little Kickers vs Inglouriou...4-1
24648012/3/2019IPlayForSFMO21Shanghai Legends vs Tenderlo...4-3
24648312/3/2019IPlayForSFMO21Interview Now vs Slide1-9
24647612/3/2019IPlayForSFMO21SF International vs Continen...2-6
24647912/3/2019IPlayForSFMO21Tarimoro Street Soccer Club ...Caution 1 Caution 1 5-4
24648212/3/2019IPlayForSFMO21Controlled Danger: Resurrect...Caution 2 Sendoff 1 3-4
24646512/2/2019IPlayForSFMixedO21Lara's Lemmings vs SFFFC5-6
24646712/2/2019IPlayForSFMixedO212Pat vs Monday Blues2-3
24646912/2/2019IPlayForSFMixedO21TBD vs TBD6-3
24646412/2/2019IPlayForSFMixedO21Bochy Juniors vs Misfits Uni...3-5
24646612/2/2019IPlayForSFMixedO21The Black Horse vs Flying Ha...4-2
24646812/2/2019IPlayForSFMixedO21TBD vs TBD0-5
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