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We show the following Match Results from completed Pensra Referee Assignments for select PlayingLeagues (see the Pulldown below for participating PlayingLeagues) that meet the criteria you have set (as of Saturday, July 13th, 2024 at 9:04pm PDT). Note that this list IS subject to change as additional Referees file their reports associated with Assignment completion.

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3204427/13/2024Mission Youth SLBU08Tarimoro Super Niños 2017B ...0-0
3204437/13/2024Mission Youth SLBU08Vikings 2017B vs Tarimoro Gi...1-8
3204457/13/2024Mission Youth SLBU10Paotred DU 14B vs Atletico T...3-4
3204447/13/2024Mission Youth SLBU10SF Seals 15B vs CAP 14B7-4
3204467/13/2024Mission Youth SLBU12Mission IFC Falcons 13B vs S...7-2
3204487/13/2024Mission Youth SLBU12Paotred Du 13B vs Jamestown ...6-4
3204477/13/2024Mission Youth SLBU12Tarimoro 13G vs CAP 12G0-7
3204527/13/2024Mission Youth SLBU12Tarimoro GTO 12B vs CAP 12B5-5
3204507/13/2024Mission Youth SLGU12Tarimoro 12G vs PUSC 13G0-6
3204557/13/2024Mission Youth SLBU14Tarimoro 11B Junior vs PUSC ...4-3
3204517/13/2024Mission Youth SLBU16Paotred Glaz 09B vs Mission ...0-6
3204537/13/2024Mission Youth SLBU16Tarimoro 08B vs Jamestown Gr...4-0
3205547/9/2024ZogSportsMixedO21Golazo FC vs KAS FC1-2
3205087/9/2024ZogSportsMixedO21Bay FC vs FC Wolfhound2-15
3205537/9/2024ZogSportsMixedO21BFF United vs Ballstars7-1
3205097/9/2024ZogSportsMixedO21Modelo FC vs Naughty Nutmegg...14-2
3199487/7/2024Sunday Coed Adult Social SLMixedO19Suicide Squad vs Rhythm & Bl...7-0
3199497/7/2024Sunday Coed Adult Social SLMixedO19Phoenix vs Big Happy Team4-4
3199507/7/2024Sunday Coed Adult Social SLMixedO19Battling Geckos vs Purple Dw...6-1
3199477/7/2024Sunday Coed Adult Social SLMixedO19Battling Geezers vs Ball Sta...4-2
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