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Tragic Death

The death of a San Jose teenager in 2005 in an accident at school involving movable soccer goals was a tragic reminder of the need for more attention to goal safety. Goals can tip over for a number of reasons. The most common causes are having kids climb on a goal or hang from the crossbar. But goals can also be blown over by a gust of wind, or knocked down during an organized practice or game.

Parents, spectators, coaches, managers, referees and players are expected to keep children from playing or climbing on goals and goal nets.


All movable goals MUST be anchored properly during all practices and games.

League Games

If the goals are not properly secured at the scheduled game time, the referee shall advise both coaches.
The home team has 15 minutes to correct the problem. If not corrected, the game shall be abandoned.
The referee shall describe the inadequacy on the game card.

A referee's report that an anchor is inadequate may be appealed to the League.