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Throughout the website there are a number of symbols that allow for one-click actions or are representative of roles.



These symbols appear adjacent to User names in the Directory and via Manage:Users to give an indication of what Roles these individuals have.

Administrator Administrator
Assignor Assignor
Client Client
Mentor Mentor
Officer Officer
Referee Referee
Treasurer Treasurer

star STAR or Specially Trained Assistant Referee
               sfys  San Francisco Youth Soccer STAR Referee
               cyo Catholic Youth Organization STAR Referee
nfhs High School Referee



These symbols appear adjacent to the Show button or in the Action column.

pdf Generate a pdf (Examples are Referee Assignments, historical schedules )
download Generate a CSV (commas separated value) spreadsheet file of the selected data
printable Remove the headers, table of contents and footers to make a screen that is more compatible with printing.
add Add another data entry to this table
internal site personal_1 personal_2 personal_3 personal_4 Select the default criteria for this query.
save Save the criteria as yours. See the FAQ on Personal Criteria
trash Throw out some data
choose Click here to select this line (team, placement, club...)
checked This line or item is checked or selected.  Display this information in the User Directory.
passwordreset Send this User a new password.
delete Test if the User is linked to any other data tables.
ussoccer Obtain information regarding USSF registration status.


These symbols appear here and there.

show Expand this area / column.
hide Shrink this area / column.
criteria Criteria invoked in a hidden column.
expand Populate the dropdown with Users that match the fragment entered
contract Shrink the dropdown to allow a fragment entry
newuser Welcome a new User
passwordreset Reset this Users password.
agreement Site Use Agreement has been agreed to. assignoragreement Assignor agreement has been agreed to .
lock User name is locked out of the system.
term Definition of a word used on the website
help additional information
more Get more. Sometimes for more information and sometimes for more functionality
going go to an outside link not at this URL
anchor This data field controls the choices in some other data field. Example: PlayingLeague controls Brackets
question There is a discrepancy between the stored value and the permitted values as specified in the anchor data field.
multiple Can select multiple values from this drop down menu
single Can select one value from this drop down menu
danger Data stored in the database is NOT (no longer) available in the dropdown menue
aed AED at this Location
◉ ◉  ◉  Team sportsmanship rankings


These symbols are associated with referee positions

open Assignment is open and available
ok Assignment has been accepted
unconfirmed Assignment is unconfirmed
no Assignment has been turned back. Referee listed is still responsible unless someone else takes the assignment
mail The assignment may be requested
nomail The assignment may not be requested
sent The assignment has been requested by the logged on User
selfassign The assignment is available for self assign. The User can try to get this match
selfassigncheck Assignor can see whether a referee would be able to self assign to this position
assigncrew Use the Assign Crew function
turnback The assignment is available for turnback. The User can try to turn back this match
confirm The User can accept an offered assignment
reject The User can reject an offered assignment


gotsoccer GotSoccer field data.   GotSoccer Match Number.  Test if GotSoccer data is the same.
leagueapps LeagueApps field data.
ridgestar RidgeStar field data.
demosphere Demosphere field data.
affinitysports AffinitySports field data.
sfystimeslots San Francisco Youth Soccer field status
ussoccer United States Soccer Federation referee registration data. 
googlemaps Display Google maps.
openstreetmap Display Open Street map.
drive Display Google driving directions.

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