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Over constrained inquiryPrintable

You encountered this error message probably because,

  • on a Manage data page, the criteria (filters) that are set are over constrained.
  • on an Alert page there are no Users or Matches that violate the Alert

Manage pages

Look carefully at the criteria you have selected, and it is likely that there is no data that meets all the criteria you have specified. The system tries to help you out by remembering the criteria used earlier in the session. Sometimes this can over constrain the database inquiry. Sometimes there has been a software change in the criteria box and the previously saved criteria is now incompatible with the change.

Common problems: Check that there is not a residual criteria that you no longer need. Check the Status. Check the Date.

How to fix.

  • Reset the criteria.
    Click reset once to revert to your saved criteria. Click reset twice to revert to site default saved criteria. Click reset three times to revert to software default criteria.
  • Save new criteria
    After the criteria entered provide the desired results list, click Show then click save


The Alerts are actually highly constrained database queries - looking for a specific set of data that violates some circumstance that we feel is important. If we are doing our jobs correctly, there will be no Matches or Users listed.