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Friday December 19th, 2014


Over 650 referees registered with Pensra have registered with the CNRA /USSF for 2015. The last download from CNRA was made on December 19. 2014.

Assignors are NOT permitted to assign referees to a USSF sanctioned match unless the referee's registration with USSF is current. Insurance does NOT cover unregistered referees and will not cover the Assignor.

Registration gets you.
>> Advanced referee training in the form of Region and...Going

Wednesday December 10th, 2014

The Winter Turf Tournament is coming the first weekend in January. In order to referee this tournament, you must be currently registered with CNRA / USSF for 2015! There is NO automatic link between CNRA registration and Pensra. If you reregister today, your registration request is handled manually by the CNRA registrar. Then the CNRA database is updated. Once every few days, the Pensra webmaster downloads the CNRA database and updates the referee registration status in Pensra. The...

Wednesday December 3rd, 2014

Emergency Contact
Effective today, all Referees are required to provide an Emergency Contact / Phone.

Why? In the last year, we have had referees pass away or become seriously ill while working a match, and we did not know who to contact.

Upon entering the Referee segment you will be asked to provide an Emergency contact name and phone number.

Thursday October 16th, 2014

Check Your Birth Date!
Effective with the 2015 USSF Registrations, Pensra will be comparing the birth date you have in your Profile with your age provided to Pensra by the California North Referees Association. This age is calculated from the birth date that you provided to the USSF as part of your USSF registration. Pensra is undertaking this task because some Leagues, Clients or Assignors have established age ranges for the referees to work certain matches and it is our responsibility to ...